How to Weigh Your Options Before Major Commercial Maintenance Projects

Bay Area Commercial Property Maintenance

Bay Area Commercial HVAC projects are typically planned out far in advance due to their cost and the inconvenience of down time for tenants. Planning a major repair or replacement of commercial air conditioning units requires research and vetting of options. You also need to plan carefully to find appropriate places to save and to avoid being “penny-wise, pound foolish” when taking care of a major building component.

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Get Off My Lawn: Home Features That Waste Water

property maintenance for saving water and energy Commercial property maintenance requires more than the usual domestic tune ups. Today, owners expect property managers to take a proactive stance and find ways to conserve energy and water. Consider these ways to conserve water and improve your commercial property: Read the rest of this entry »

Bay Area HVAC Expert Discusses Advances in Technology

East Bay Heating Will Go AutomatedWhat does the future of HVAC hold? Will the 2020s resemble The Jetsons or some other, less utopian vision of venting technology presented in a movie like Brazil? Here’s what we know about the short term. Smart technology will lead to remote controlled, intelligent thermostat designs, improved efficiency, and greater comfort at home and at the office.

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“Create, Don’t Compromise,” says Bay Area General Contractor

Bay Area General Construction Kitchen Remodel

You’re about to engage in a Bay Area kitchen remodeling project. To make this project a big success, you need to think about movement and flow within the space. What does that mean, from a practical perspective? It means that even if you have your heart set on a specific design feature, you may need to adjust your expectations to accommodate reality. Rather than compromising on your goals, however, consider these curious ways to create your dream kitchen when remodeling: Read the rest of this entry »

Advice from a Bay Area Building Contractor

East Bay Kitchen RemodelingYou want to keep your Bay Area home in top condition and strive to improve its value. If you’ve been blessed with the do-it-yourself gene, you may be tempted to tackle improvements and repairs yourself. But know your limits; after all, a job done poorly or improperly can wind up causing damage that will cost a lot to fix. Also, there’s a value to your time that you want to respect.

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East Bay General Contractor Shares Insights

Bay Area Air ConditioningTenants typically only interact with landlords when they need to pay rent or when they encounter a problem. As a building owner, you’d like to meet your tenants’ needs in a cost effective, systematic way to ensure good rapport and minimize disruption. To that end, you want to make sure that your commercial property maintenance team provide quick and effective tenant services both to improve retention rates and to minimize tenant-related unexpected costs. After all, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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Advice from Your Knowledgeable Bay Area Contractor

East Bay Kitchen RemodelingYou don’t need to be a building contractor to fix things around your home! Homeowners need to be jacks-of-all trades to stay on top of household problems. Here are ten essential skills you should work on, whether you’re about to engage in a series of DIY projects for your Bay Area home, or you’re just looking to impress your spouse or soon-to-be in-laws with your domestic skills:

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Spring HVAC Tips from a Bay Area Building Contractor

Bay Area HeatingExperts suggest that homeowners need to engage in periodic maintenance for their HVAC systems at least twice a year: spring and fall. Preparing for the colder months during the fall decreases the likelihood of encountering a heating failure during a squall or cold rainstorm. Prepping for the warmer months, among other things, protects your family against air conditioning failures. Here are five tips for teeing up your HVAC for the spring: Read the rest of this entry »

East Bay Building Contractor Explains Key Contract Section

East Bay General ContractorHome remodelers may come across “general conditions” in their contracts when they work with general construction, air conditioning, or heating professionals. But what are these conditions? Can you ask for edits? What do you need to know to negotiate one of these contracts effectively?

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Advice from a Bay Area General Contractor

Castro Valley Kitchen RemodelingA fresh kitchen design implemented by an expert general contractor can turn an ordinary house into the home of your dreams. Unfortunately, kitchen remodeling can be prohibitively expensive, even when homeowners take into account the fact that smart remodeling can increase a house’s market value.

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