From A Bay Area General Contractor

Bay Area Kitchen Remodeling ContractorSearching for a Bay Area general contractor to upgrade your HVAC system to improve energy efficiency or need assistance with a Bay Area kitchen remodeling project to help boost the value of your home? Here are some powerful tips to help you get the most of your remodeling efforts.

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Four Ways to Reduce your Heating Bill

Last winter, your Bay Area heating bill was way too high. This year, you want to do things right and adjust your processes to conserve energy. Perhaps you want to call in a general contractor or HVAC expert to improve efficiencies in your heating system, or maybe you want to handle the issue yourself first.

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Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Home Heating CostsEven if your city doesn’t experience harsh winters, winterizing your home still helps your wallet. By eliminating air leakage and ensuring proper installation, Bay Area residents benefit from improved indoor air quality, reduced energy expenses, and prevention of costly repairs in the future. You don’t need to be a Bay Area building contractor to take the following steps to winterize your Castro Valley or East Bay home: Read the rest of this entry »

Heating Your Bay Area Home

Smart thermostats have made a big splash in the residential HVAC market. These high tech gadgets sense changes in weather and monitor energy use for convenience and planning. They can be easily accessed and controlled on your smart phone, allowing you to control your home and its energy use remotely. Read the rest of this entry »

Common East Bay Heating Drawbacks

In cold weather climates, a general contractor may suggest an HVAC system for new construction projects. However, many older homes have wall and baseboard heaters. Wall and baseboard heaters can be practical in smaller spaces, but they come with several drawbacks. Read the rest of this entry »

Preparing Bay Area Heating Systems for Winter

Castro-Valley-HVACAs fall weather begins to creep into Castro Valley, the time has come to perform an annual inspection of your heating systems in preparation for the chilly winter months. Working with a general contractor to ensure everything is clean and operational prevents unpleasant surprises when you need your HVAC system the most. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Hire the Best East Bay General Contractor

bay-area-general-contractorSearching for a general contractor for your home or business can be a complicated process. To most easily locate the right contractor, ask yourself and the potential company the following questions: Read the rest of this entry »

A/C and Heating Maintenance Tips for Fall

autumn-castro-valley-heatingAlthough it may be hard to believe, summer is already coming to a close, and fall is right around the corner. This time of transition represents the perfect opportunity to perform routine maintenance on home HVAC systems, especially when air conditioning needs are reduced (or eliminated) and heating needs have not yet emerged. Read the rest of this entry »

Small Remodeling Projects for Any Budget

east-bay-kitchen-remodelingSprucing up a home can lead to big payouts, in terms of your place’s functionality and aesthetics, but you don’t have to sink a fortune into the investment. Homeowners can make major tweaks without spending a lot to increase their families’ comfort and enhance pride of ownership. Read the rest of this entry »

Energy Efficient Tips for Indoor Comfort All Year Long

East Bay HVACAs summer heats up, and your A/C bills start to climb, you’re wondering how you can get your air conditioning costs down. If you’re doing a rigorous budget analysis, you also may want to reduce the costs of heating and general HVAC maintenance. Read the rest of this entry »